PresidentialElections 2012 Problems at the polls in Virginia and New Jersey

Presidential Elections 2012 Confusion at the polls

(by pio dal cin) CNN International just reported of at least two machines in Virginia where voters who pressed Obama got a Rommey voting instead. The machines were fixed. In New Jersey many voters had hard time getting to the polls, as they were displaced by Hurricane Sandy. It is hard to believe that we are talking about the United States of America. Electronic vote has replaced the old fashioned pencil, but if these are the results it is probably better to go back to the old way of voting. Polls are about to close in twenty minutes


  1. Okay, first it wasn’t in Virginia it was in Pennsylvania. It wasn’t 2 voting machines it was only 1 and that machine was taken out of use as soon as it was revealed there was a problem.

    There was no voter fraud involved…

    The confusion in Jersey is a given. With the advent of Sandy being so close to the elections I find it amazing and comforting that they are making arrangements for the displaced to vote.

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