Royal Baby will see the light in this 10K £ a night room

roooooomby pio dal cin. Codogne

This is the room where the Royal Baby will be born. Price tab 10.000 £ per night. It is inside the “Lindo Wing” specialized to give all kind of answers to the new mom. (Personally I think they should have made it a bit more colorful).

This is of course inside the’s_Hospital,_London

and the doctors who will deliver the baby are these two fellows

Royal surgeon-gynaecologists Alan Farthing (left) and Marcus Setchell (right). Mr Setchell will take the lead for Kate’s delivery, assisted by Mr Farthing

medici kateeeeeeeeee




William was also born here and here is the first photo of Diana and Charles carrying the baby outside the St.Mary’s Hospital

Prince William was born at 9.03pm on June 21, 1982, weighing 7lb 1.5oz in the same wing. He is seen here leaving St Mary‘s with Princess Diana and Prince Charles



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