Venice’s Moses Corruption shakes political world as bribing system emerges once again

(by pio dal cin)chisso

Chisso. (foto copyright 2014 pio dal  cin)


Welcome to Italy. The most beautiful Country in the whole world. Art History Beauty. Food Wine and  wonderful panoramas. Dolomites, Beaches, Lakes, Thermal waters. You name it. We have it all. The tourist are coming by the millions every year to visit this wonderful land that it is like a huge time machine taking you back to the glorious past of the Roman Empire all the way to modern history, with a stop in the Reinassance and few other goodies.


Unfortunally it is also the land of corrupted politicians, bribes,scams. too often politicians have been caught stealing public money. Many times the scumbags are inside the parliament and very rarely they spend time in the can. It seems like there is always a way out, a friend of a friend will bail you out (and you get to keep the loot as well)


It is a paradise for the tourists as it is for corrupted souls turned into politicians not for their will of helping their Country but just to help their own bank accounts grow. All this amid  the worst economic crises ever in modern time. The unemployment rate today was fixed at 13.2 %. One every two of young people under the age of 26 is not working.

Every day we read about a new scandal. Today it was the turn of Venice. 35 people (top officials and public figures like the mayor of Venice himself and the former Governor Galan) were arrested or are under investigation in a bribe/corruption/false invoices/ case that has put millions ofeuros in their pocket thans to a huge project called Moses (

Five BILLION Euros. Yes, BILLION, not MILLION, BILLION. One, two three four five BILLION EUROS. I wonder if they’d fit inside a two bedroom apartment if you were to put them one on top of the other in large 100 Euro bills cut.

How many people could have benefitted from the amount of money that is being thrown into this project that no one know if it will really help solving the problem of high tides in the Venetian Lagoon? How many lives of entrepreneurs who have killed themselves because they could no longer keep their industries afloat cause the economic crisis could have been saved if those money were put in a fund to help them when they were in great difficulties?

While the prime Minister is trying to give the world a sense of “New” when it comes to Italy that in 2015 will host the International Expo in MIlan ( ) politicians are stealing and getting caught everyday with their hands in the marmelade. The sense of impotence is very great. The feeling that we are in this hands pervades honest people and throws the Country into a deep sense of numbness and depression.


The cure? Stronger anti corruption laws and the sense that “if you get caught you’ll pay for it” If this kind of culture doesn’t get on the way, things will always continue as usual and the reforms will not take place in our wonderful corrupted Country of Italy

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