Trump? Just a scumbag.

Not my president, just a SCUMBAG

When I heard the news that Trump was going to be the next president of the USA,I could not  believe it. I double checked the twits, the news, both national and international. What happened? How could a man like Trump lead of the most powerful Country in the world?

I saw a clip of Trump about a month ago playing with an eagle in his office. The very symbol of the United States being used for a spot (of himself of course).

 The EAGLE try to bit him, and this is what will happen to him.

I was proud to become a citizen of the US in 1996. Today I must say that I do not consider him my president. I think he is whatever Robert De Niro said on the clip he recorded just before the election.
“He is a pig, he is a cun, he is a bullshit artist…..”   Personally I would summon it in one word : A SCUMBAG

What happened to the American People?

I agree that Hillary was not any better that him. I considered  her the least of evils. But voting for a man like Trump means to have set the clock backwards of two hundred years. He is supported by the KKK, he treats women like objects, he doesn’t like minorities. Not my president. Not my president Not my president.

Riots in Portland yesterday. People screaming under the Trump tower in New York “Fuck Trump”. Over two million signatures collected to convince the great electors not to endorse his victory. Something has radically changed in the Country and there is more to come.

My opinion is that he bought this election just like W Bush managed to do some scams to be elected when votes had to be re counted for the fear of misconduct.

Abraham Lincoln faced with the approval of the 13th  did that (according to Steven Spielberg’s movie). Here is a transcript of  “Fact Checking” on that issue:( here the full page on the movie)
Spielberg’s film also credits Lincoln with sanctioning, and in some cases directly negotiating, the brazen use of patronage appointments to buy off the requisite number of lame duck Democratic congressmen. Here, the record is hazy. Historians generally agree that the president issued broad instructions to Seward, who in turn hired a group of lobbyists from his home state of New York to approach potential apostates. It’s highly implausible that Lincoln dealt directly with these men, or that he immersed himself in the details. He was too smart a politician to do that. But he did whip hard for the amendment. He visited a Democratic congressman whose brother had fallen in battle, to tell him that his kin “died to save the Republic from death by the slaveholders’ rebellion. I wish you could see it to be your duty to vote for the Constitutional amendment ending slavery.” That scene is true to history.

Lincoln did, in fact, tell Congressman James Alley, “I am the President of the United States, clothed with immense power, and I expect you to procure those votes.” 

If it was done over one hundred years ago I believe that it can be done today in a corrupted world where money can buy anything or anybody.

Just before the elections I was talking with a friend who was fearing the election of Trump as president.

I told him” Do not fear, my friend, how many assholes do you think are there in the US today? I believe no more than 25%. That is what he will get. Americans are not stupid”

I was wrong. If the results are real I think we are in the brink of another civil war. A dictator, should never sit on the higher seat of the Country that fought so hard for human rights in the past two hundred years. The Land of the Free will not stand there looking at a scumbag dictate his ways. Something is about to change. It won’t be painless, but I am sure today that Trump will not survive (politically or even physically) the four years ahead of him.


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