Why I think Trump is a scumbag

First of all I think that he could never be elected in a Country like America without cheating. I have no idea how he did it, but the power of money opens many doors. i think of Trump as a real scumbag, not a person who can or should be the chief of the greatest…

Il “Leonardo del legno 2.0” Mattia Gardenal

Ieri è venuto a trovarmi un amico che mi piace definire “Il leonardo del legno 2.0” .Mattia Gardenal. Un Artista veramente 2.0, innovativo e sempre alla ricerca di cose nuove è riuscito a costruire delle macchine di legno che all’inizio si ispiravano al movimento dell’albero a camme (quello che fa muovere le nostre auto )….

Google plus Twitter Facebook crosspost in any order

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Google Plus Song on You Tube (I’m a G+)

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Kittens Sleeping like Angels (video)

My cat Saetta just delivered four beautiful kittens on July the First. On the same day as my daughter’s birthay. Saetta was a gift for my wife’s last year birthday. A beautibul coincidence. Watch the small cute little kittens sleeping together as angels