Akita owners be careful- Your dog could be more dangerous than you think

I decided to republish this old post to remind all akita dogs owners that your cute little akita could become a very dangerous dog.

Click on the link to find out about four attacks (in a few years) perpetrated by the dogs of my next door against my beloved dogs.

Two of them were brutally killed.


Akita Inu Dangerous reality different from movie

I’m tired of reading comments about the fact that if a dog is aggressive is not the dog’s fault but is the owner that should be trained and spanked instead…ok ok.. but think for a second more:

What if a certain breed carried a seed of insanity or genetic problem that could be common among the dogs who belong to that breed?

This question puzzled my mind as I was buring my beloved dog “Pulce” after she was brutally attacked by the male Akita of my next door neighbour.

It was the second time.

The first time, two years before, my brother’s dog “Arthur” was litteraly devoured by the two Akitas after they “sucked him on their side of the fence”.

A total of four attacks occoured on my property, perpetrated by those “killer Akitas” on two more separate attacks, my sister’s dog “Chicca” barely made it alive after two months of suffering in a nearby clinic, after the two attacked her upon escaping from the fence of my neighbour.

Here is the post I wrote when the facts happened with the pictures of Pulce and Atrhur :https://piodalcin.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/akita-inu-dogs-attacked-and-killed-my-puppy-again/

I received many emails telling me that probably wasn’t the dog’s fault but it was the owner’s.

So I ran a research on the Internet which can be done easily by anybody, and found out that:

1) Akita Inu were used by Japanese Emperors in the 18th Century for hunting Bears.

2) Not happy with their agressivness, the Japanese mixed the Akita Inu Breed with another  breed used for dog-fighting.

3) A Rabies pandemic spread through Japan involving the new bred Akita dogs, and their total suppression was ordered for security reasons. Obviously it failed a few thousand and the Akitas that we love now in the movies could be the grand-grand  children of those aggressive dogs.


Please don’t. Consult any veterinarian and ask them what they think of Akitas.

Those Dogs are aggressive by genetic trasformation, and nobody is going to make me chance my mind. I swear it on the grave of those two beloved dogs that I loved so much and I have lost to the fury of two AKITA INU.

Akita Inu Dogs warning

Three days ago, “Chicca” my twelve years old small dog has been attacked by the Akita of my neighbour.


The first time the akitas attacked it was back in 2005. I was sitting in the garden with my wife and daughter of two years when suddenly the two huge white dogs showed up. They looked around and separately went on attacking Chicca and Artu'(the other small dog I had at the time).


They did after days spent at the hospital, but one year later, in 2006 …..



Artu’ was9 years old and as usual was sniffing the fence walking briskly in the morning sun.

The Akitas came barking at him from the other side of the fence, he responded, then he was literally

“sucked in ” by the pair and DEVOURED by them.



Chicca is better but Saturday I will go to press the charges that I was prompted to press by my lawyer.

In the mean time be careful when you approach such a dog…He looks friendly but he can snap quickly and

send you at the hospital-


They are indeed the most furious  I had ever seen in my life .


BE CAREFUL of the akitas.