Giancarlo Giannini strepitoso a Conegliano

NOV 20 Grazie Giancarlo Giannini a Conegliano Veneto Una grande pagina di teatro è stata scritta quasi in silenzio questa sera a Conegliano, al Teatro Accademia di Giorgio Fabris. Quasi in silenzio perchè, in punta dei piedi il mostro sacro della recitazione, l'artista, il più bravo attore che l'Italia annovera tra le folte fila di... Continue Reading →


Blab Photos of Blabbers Blabbing from every corner of the World

If You have beeb blabbing chances are that you may be on these pictures. I have been on just for one week but this new video chat platform connected with your +Twitter  handle seems to be the craze of the moment. The secret must be its simplicity and the fact that there are very few things you... Continue Reading →

Alpini Raduno 2014. “Angeli co na penna sola, operai del Padreterno” Poesia in dialetto Veneto

  Alpini Raduno 2014 "Angeli co na penna sola- Operai del Padreterno" una poesia in dialetto Veneto (by pio dal cin)  Dedicato a tutti gli Alpini che tanto hanno fatto e continuano a fare con grande solidarietà, senza cercare compensi o gratificazioni, stipendi e pensioni d'oro, ma solamente per aiutare i più deboli, coloro che hanno bisogno e... Continue Reading →

Priest sings Halleluja at wedding and makes it viral on the web Related articles Singing Irish priest reacts to 'Hallelujah' viral Youtube video, performance of 'You Raise Me Up' emerges online [WATCH] Priest Sings Surprise Song at Wedding Irish Priest Goes Viral with Wedding Cover of 'Hallelujah' Irish Priest Goes Viral with Wedding Cover of 'Hallelujah'

Pope Francis will clean the Vatican like San Francesco

MAR 15 Pope Francis will clean the Vatican like San Francesco (by pio dal cin)March 15th 2013 00:18 a.m (Rome Time GMT+1) As Pope Francesco begins His Papacy with a visit to the Church of  Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome to pay respect to Mary Mother of Jesus. known to the people of Rome as Maria Salus Populi Romani.   Pope Francesco boarded... Continue Reading →

The new Pope? Who will He be? A fool’s prediction(mine)

MAR 6 The New Pope. Who will He be? A Fool prediction (by pio dal cin) March 6th 2013 11:00 pm (GMT+1) As I red the "Washington Post" article about the"AmericanCardinals" involved in the election of the new Pope, my attention was attracted by these few lines: "Di Nardo and O’Malley drew laughs when one reporter... Continue Reading →

Wordpress or Blogger which is best for SEO? (video) from GoogleWebmaster

Published on Mar 5, 2013 I've used Blogger for 3 years, but now everyone tells me that WordPress is superior for SEO. After scouring many sites, I've been unable to find the SEO advantages to using Blogger - are there any? vicki2810 Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: Want your question to... Continue Reading →

G+ Google plus Hangouts have improved accessibility for the hearing impaired

MAR 1 G+ Google plus Hangouts improved accessibility Hangouts (Photo credit: AJC1) (by pio dal cin) +Google+  has announced today that accessibility has been improved for the hearing impaired on Hangouts. Read the post below by +Anna Cavender  that I saw trough +Loren Groves (thanks dude for sharing +Sharing is Caring on G+ ) pio dal cin 1:03 AM  -  Public via +Loren Groves  Improving accessibility... Continue Reading →

Maroni Presidente della Lombardia un umile consiglio

FEB 27 Maroni Presidente della Lombardia un umile consiglio (by pio dal cin) Il monento difficile che stiamo attraversando politicamente presenta  sfide e scenari inediti dal punto di vista politico. Il parlamento è diviso in tre grandi spezzoni che difficilmente potranno convivere a lungo. L'affermazione di Berlusconiche tutti davano per spacciato (io per primo) . La... Continue Reading →

To all corrupted politicians in Italy. On your last day, you’ll regret your behaviour

(by pio dal cin) To all the corrupted politicians out there. Listen to the voices of the People of Italy crying for some relief. Before you are a politician you are (or at least should be) a MAN. Next time you hoover over a City with your helicopter on the way to make a multimillion... Continue Reading →

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