Google plus hangouts and broadcast television make first step into a new era

the first step into a new era made by sarah hill( komu news at four missouri) and hangouts of google+


Online Newspaper opens to everyone

  So your dream was  to be a journalist? Dream no more, here is your chance. This Facebook group is a "virtual newspaper " where everyone is made administrator upon entering his/her subscription, thus making the member a "virtual editor" of this first online newspaper for GOOD NEWS ONLY. The number one requirement is to... Continue Reading →

The bike accident (from my book my adventurous,wonderful life)

TURN YOUR FACE TO THE SUN AND THE SHADOW FALLS BEHIND YOU- Maori Proverb I finally decided to write my book today because it's Frebruary the 29th...I thought that if i died today they'll celebrate my anniversary once every four years.                               CHAPTER ONE Hey Dude, can you pick me up at the Memorial Hospital?... Continue Reading →

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