Google’s Vic Gundotra is leaving the company

(by pio dal cin) With these words Vic Gundotra announced his departure from Google. “Today I’m announcing my departure from Google after almost 8 years,” wrote Gundotra in a post titled, “I’m also forever in debt to the Google+ team. This is a group of people who built social at Google against the skepticism of so... Continue Reading →


Congresso USA scrive a Larry Page (Google) per l’uso dei Google Glass

by pio dal cin)  Otto membri (bi-partisan) del Congresso USA hanno inviato una lettera aperta al CEO di +Google  +Larry Page  affinchè chiarisca la posizione del colosso di Mountainview circa l'uso del Google Glass che dovrebbe essere messo in commercio prima della fine dell'anno.Nelle otto domandeQui riportate in lingua originale  alcuni membri del Congresso chiedono a Larry... Continue Reading →

Google.California Woman gets first ticket for driving with Google Glass

OCT 31 Google Glass Woman gets first ticket in history for driving with the Google Glass   (by pio dal cin) Codognè Treviso  I hate to say that I said that but I saw it coming. If you care reading This old post of mine I predicted some troubles for Glass wearers. +Cecilia Abadie has posted On her G+ profile of the ticket... Continue Reading →

An important message from Larry Page Google CEO and founder

Dear Google users—You may be aware of press reports alleging that Internet companies have joined a secret U.S. government program called PRISM to give the National Security Agency direct access to our servers. As Google’s CEO and Chief Legal Officer, we wanted you to have the facts.First, we have not joined any program that would... Continue Reading →

Google Glass and its impact on the way we live.Be Prepared by 2013’s end

by pio dal cin) I found this great article about +Google  Glass project on "" describing the impact that the Glass will have on the market as the project prepares to release the commercial version of the product by the end of 2013 . The "Glass" basically will allow you to see what you see now... Continue Reading →

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