How Democracy expanded over the last 4000 years (video)

  How Democracy expanded over the last 4000 years (video)


Elezioni 2013 Ecco i primi risultati- Italian Elections 2013 here the first results

 (by pio dal cin) These should be the first results from the Elections in Italy as Grillo is expected to make a "killing" with his policies of "sending the old Nomenclatura away from the Parliament" Every Party is fearing his success as results are pouring in after the polls closed at 3:00 pm local time... Continue Reading →

Obama President Obama G+ Hangout Screenshots

Obama President Obama G+ Hangout Screenshots pio dal cin 12:03 AM  -  Public +Google+  hosted the third Hangout with President +Barack Obama  from the +The White House . Here are the exclusive Screenshots of the event that just ended a couple of minutes ago. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly although very important issues were adressed to the President regarding the economy, jobs, the... Continue Reading →

Electoral Vote Explained (video)

Electoral Vote Explained (by pio dal cin) I never understood how the system worked on the Election in the USA. I looked on Youtube for help and found this very helpful TED video that explains very nicely how the Electoral Vote works in the USA , so I thought I share with those of you, like... Continue Reading →

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